Billy Currington’s bus is on the road again for his biggest musical adventure yet with Friday’s (Feb. 19) launch of his Summer Forever Tour in San Antonio, Texas.

Currington says he couldn’t have been more excited to hear the news that he was getting his own headlining tour.

“For someone who’s been opening for artists ever since I started basically, I lit up inside,” he also has stated in a recent chat. “There are so many benefits to doing your own tour. There are so many blessings. Things like being able to play longer, calling your own shots, designing your tour yourself. … I could go on and on.”

Another big responsibility and perk is the ability to pick your own opening act. For Currington, there was one artist he was certain he wanted on the tour: Kelsea Ballerini.

“I’d done a show with her about a month or two earlier, and everything about her was so enlightening,” he said. “It was happy, and the people around her were happy. I could tell she’s girl that at a very young age already knows how to run a business.