The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests are the place to go up here and all the ranger districts will allow tree cutting. That includes the Black Mesa, Lakeside, Springerville, Alpine and Clifton districts.

The permits are $15 this year for up to a 10-foot tall tree Permits can be purchased at all five of the district ranger stations.

Safety tips:

— Check the weather before leaving home for road conditions to avoid getting stuck in a storm or heavy snow and ice.

— Be prepared for cold weather and dress appropriately.

— Take blankets, food and water, a cell phone and a flashlight with you just in case.

— Make sure others know when and where you will be in case something happens.

— Don’t forget a first-aid kit, an ax or hatchet and rope to tie your tree to your vehicle.

— If you should become stranded due to a storm or bad roads, stay with your vehicle.

The Christmas tree hotline for additional information is 928-333-6229