When Garth Brooks delivered Thursday’s (Feb. 23) Inside Studio G keynote address at the Country Radio Seminar 2017, the conversation kept coming back to his connection with his fans.

And when he talked about their experience just getting to a concert, the CMA’s reigning entertainer of the year said he understands the financial sacrifice fans make every time they come to one of his shows.

“Going to a concert might be the biggest pain in the butt,” he said. “Getting tickets? Good luck. Getting honest tickets? Good luck. Now the cost of them — nobody ever goes by themselves. Double that. Bring your kids? Double that. If not, then babysitters. … In Boston, the parking was more than the price of the concert ticket.”

“Our job when we come to the city is to burn that thing down,” he said. “Think about that because the whole time, you’re working to get an invitation back.”

Source : CMT