Topgolf, the Dallas, Texas-based global sports entertainment company known for its innovative point-scoring games in multilevel driving ranges, has seen remarkable growth in its 19 years of existence. During that time they have rapidly expanded, with 44 locations stretching across the world, from its original Watford, England location to its newest facility in El Paso, Texas.

Having revolutionized the live sports entertainment experience with their technology-based approach to golf that relies on microchipped balls that score themselves on distance and accuracy, Billboard has learned that the company may now have their sights set on becoming a serious contender within the live music community as well, with their first step toward it being a small change made at their four-month-old Nashville location.

The company tells Billboard that they are renaming the music venue found inside their Nashville facility The Cowan, tossing the old name Topgolf Live. Taking its new name from the street that the facility sits alongside, those within the company at the local level have watched as the lone music venue within the Topgolf family has quickly become a big part of the Nashville live music scene, while also noticing some lingering hostilities from neighboring venue owners and performers. In a neighborhood that has long prided itself on the rich history of artistic independence it has offered the town, it came as a surprise to some local club owners when indie bands that would normally play an intimate dive suddenly started being booked to play the stage of a spot that makes the name of nearby Louisville, Kentucky’s KFC Yum! Center sound subtle in its commercialism.

Source : Billboard