March 30, 2018
 Black Mesa Ranger District of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests
 Navajo County, Arizona
 Approximately 5 miles west of Heber, AZ

Start Date: Reported March 30 at 9 AM
Size: 21 acres Percent Contained: 0%
Cause: Human caused, under investigation

Resources Assigned: 1 hand crew, 2 engines
Vegetation: Pinyon pine and grass

Growth Potential: Low to Moderate
Structures Threatened: 0

Summary: This fire is located off of Forest Service Roads (FSR) 412 and 122. Resources on scene conducted firing operations to tie the fire into nearby roads. This strategy creates a safer working environment for firefighter personnel as there is a lot of snags (dead trees) in the area. Resources are currently putting out hot spots along the roads.

This is the ninth human caused fire on the Black Mesa Ranger District this week, three of which have become wildfires. As Southwest Wildfire Awareness Week comes to a close we can never stress enough that our White Mountains have experienced an unusually dry and warm winter, and all it takes is one spark to start a wildfire. Come prepared with a shovel and water, drown and stir your campfire until it’s cold to the touch.

Source : 311 Info