When Garth Brooks releases his massive boxset Legacy Nov. 1, he will have retail friends in new places.

The 7-vinyl/7-CD set, released via Brooks’ Pearl Records, will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro, Best Buy, Bi-Lo, Cabela’s, Costco, Cracker Barrel, Dollar General, Fry’s Food, FYE, Winn-Dixie and several independent record stores, a number of which are carrying the superstar’s product for the first time.

Legacy, which comes in three configurations, is limited to around 500,000 sets, roughly 15 percent of which have already sold direct-to-consumer through four pre-sales conducted via online social-selling network Talk Shop Live.

Amazon, Best Buy and Dollar General placed the most orders, with Dollar General confirming that it will sell the set in all 16,000 of its locations throughout 44 states.

Two longtime, valued retail partners for Brooks — Walmart and Target — will not be carrying the box set in stores. Both retailers solicited customers through a now sold-out online pre-sale and Pearl fulfilled those orders, but by the time the country icon and the two big box retailers could come to terms on in-store orders, all the sets were snapped up by other retailers. Both Brooks and Target stress they hope to work together on future Brooks releases. “I wouldn’t have a career without Walmart or Target and I don’t plan on trying to have one without them,” Brooks says. Walmart reps did not comment by press time.

As the negotiations on the six-pound box set with the two giants continued, other retailers stepped up. “When the other retail stores heard that Walmart and Target had still not [ordered] yet and it was limited, my epiphany was they buy a lot more if they think Target and Walmart will not be carrying it,” Brooks says, sitting in his Nashville recording studio, Allentown.

In going to retail, Brooks decided to forego traditional music distributors and sell directly to each retailer, although sources say that some of those deals required the hiring of third-party logistic providers to get the product to the stores. Brooks hired retail consultant Kerri Fox-Metoyer to negotiate with each retailer to tailor deals specific to each outlet’s needs. Some deals are one-way, while others allow for returns.


You can read more at the Source here: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/country/8533508/garth-brooks-legacy-box-set