Charles Kelley has decided to record a solo project.

Kelley told Billboard that, so far, his fans have reacted positively to the song.

“It’s been a lot of fun. I think that it’s been exactly what I was going for,” he says. “The fans really seem like they are gravitating toward the song. My goal was to cut some music that I love and also that spoke to me as a songwriter. This is one of the most proud moments for me as a songwriter. I’d put it up there with [Lady A hits] ‘Need You Now’ and ‘I Run to You.’ It’s about everything that has been a part of my world for the past eight years: all the people behind the scenes, the drivers, the crew and, of course, the fans. I really love the song and am grateful that people have gravitated toward it and what the lyrics are trying to say.”

and adds….’I’m Just as Dedicated to Lady Antebellum as I Ever Have Been’