Through the years of country music trends, one thing that will never go out of style is Joe Nichols’ voice and the traditional country he sings.

On his latest 12-track album Never Gets Old, he mostly sings about love — making it (“Hostage” and “Breathless”), falling for it to the sounds of live music (“Girl in the Song”) and investing in it (“Diamonds Make Babies”).

But on the striking “We All Carry Something,” co-written by Westin Davis and Justin Weaver, Nichols sings about the imperfections that make people human. The verses sing of a woman who inherited alcoholism from her mother, a Chicago cop who cries over witnessing a world of crime on the job and a Purple Heart war veteran who lives with memories of his time in the service and shrapnel in his arm.

“We all kind of carry our junk from our past and so the being alone part doesn’t have to be part of the problem,” He continued,  “There’s a redeeming factor in the song that doesn’t make it such a sad song about pain. It’s sad song about everybody having pain and it’s alright. We’re all in it together. It’s a very powerful song that’s unique in the fact that it grips you from the very beginning, and it punches you at the very end.”

Source : CMT