Ann “Granny” Rich and John Rich

Not many 87-year-olds celebrate their birthday in a Nashville bar smoking, drinking whiskey and launching a new business venture, but Ann “Granny” Rich is not your typical octogenarian.

Family and friends joined Big & Rich’s John Rich at his Redneck Riviera Bar on Valentine’s Day evening to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday and the launch of her own Granny Rich Reserve, an 86 proof whiskey.

“I just loved it because I knew he was doing it to honor me,” Granny Rich told Billboard as she smiled at her grandson, standing in the second-floor men’s room, the only semi-quiet place to conduct an interview during the raucous party.

Rich launched his own Redneck Riviera brand whiskey last year in partnership with Eastside Distilling, which will also handle Granny Rich Reserve. Rich says his grandmother was an integral part of developing and launching his whiskey last year. “We worked on the original for a long time and Granny Rich was the final say so on that blend,” he told Billboard. “What I brought her as the final product, she said, ‘That’s the smoothest thing I’ve ever drank.’ 

“So the question became, ‘How do you make that better? How do you make a reserve version of that?’ The answer was a more aged version,” Rich continues. “The whiskey sat in the cask longer. Granny tried that and said, ‘That might be even better.’ That’s when we knew we had it right.”

Source : Billboard