When Ellen DeGeneres had Luke Bryan on her show recently, she started out by asking him the one thing I know he doesn’t like to talk about. His 40th. But he immediately told DeGeneres that turning 40 wasn’t all that bad.

“Thirty was tough,” Bryan said. “It hit me pretty rough.”

But since turning 40 this summer, Bryan has a new take on aging. “You just kind of mentally give up at that point,” he joked.

He celebrated the big day up in Maine, on a lake he didn’t know the name of — Pushaw? Graham? Sebasticook? We may never know because he didn’t Instagram any pictures of the mini vacation/celebration.

“I had a show in Bangor, Maine on my 40th,” he said. “So Caroline and a bunch of friends flew in and we rented a log cabin up in some lake — they probably filmed Friday the 13th there. So we survived that.”


source : CMT