The Bureau of Indian Affairs Fort Apache Agency Fire Management in coordination with the
White Mountain Apache Tribe will conduct pile burning beginning Thursday, January 11, 2018 through Thursday, January 18, 2018.A total of 2600 acres are planned to be treated within three burn units:

• 1800 acres are targeted for the Coyote West Burn Unit, south of Pinetop within the Cottonwood Canyon area.

• 500 acres are targeted for the Soldier Butte Burn Unit, north of McNary along both sides of highway260.

• 300 acres are targeted for the Beaver Burn Unit, near Christmas Tree Lake.

Fire personnel will take advantage of the winter weather conditions to burn slash piles from fuels reductions projects. All pile burning activity will be carefully monitored and will comply with smoke management guidelines to reduce the impact of smoke on local residents. If conditions become unfavorable prescribed burning efforts will be ceased to mitigate smoke impacts to the communities. The Burn Blocks are closed to the public throughout the duration of the burning operations. For more information, contact Candy Lupe at (928) 338-5425.

Source : 311Info