It is through tears of sadness and with a heavy heart that White Mountain Radio is sharing this. Our White Mountain Radio family has lost two beautiful people, Charlie and Patti Martin, in a tragic car accident outside of Payson, Sunday, December 9th. Charlie has been the morning DJ on KSNX 105.5, hosting “Rise and Shine with Charlie” for almost two years now. His lovely wife Patti was a great baker and has surely helped us all gain a few pounds from her sweet goodies that ‘magically’ appeared at the station. There have been countless remotes, parades, and events that they and their family were always a part of, whether we were decorating a float, bowling for the hungry or just trying to scare people on Halloween. The plaques and records on the walls of KSNX’s studio is a testament to an individual who had a passion for music and loved what he did. Charlie brought a plethora of knowledge to our listeners, as well as an enthusiasm in everything he did. It has been dark and quiet in the KSNX studio these days. They will be truly missed at White Mountain Radio. Rest in peace, Charlie and Patti!